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We are #Puffin!


Our mission is to reimagine the cannabis experience by developing a leading all-on-one, high quality cannabis environment for all to enjoy. Our stores will promote customer service that is inclusive and social conscious to all alongside cannabis as part of a sophisticated and healthy lifestyle. 

This customer-focused environment allows us to create devoted customers of our stores, our teams and participate in the evolution of the industry in where all people acknowledge our products and locations as proven, sought after and trusted. Whether you're an expert in the product, or someone completely new to the experience, our doors are opened for all. 

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New Jersey Vibes

We are New Jersey proud! Our commitment to our city, even your town, means doing everything we can to give back to the community. We WANT to create jobs. We WANT to help. We eagerly love getting to know everyone and playing a role. From jazz festivals to Christmas parties, or from career fair sponsorships to environmental safety, the team at Puffin will hear you out! We work for you. Check out our Sponsors & Charities to get an idea.

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